The Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday night demolished the Jenin home of the terrorist that carried out a deadly attack in Tel Aviv in April.

The demolition went ahead after a petition from the terrorists’ families was rejected by the Supreme Court on May 30, 2022.

Violent clashes broke out during the demolition, with rioters burning tires and hurling stones, firebombs and explosive devices at Israeli troops, who responded with riot dispersal tools.

No Israeli casualties were reported.

R’aam Hazam, 28, opened fire on a crowded pub on Dizengoff Street on April 7, 2022, killing three Israeli civilians and wounding 15. He then fled on foot to Jaffa, where he was killed in a firefight with Israel Security Agency agents.

“As you know, our forces succeeded in reaching the terrorist from the Dizengoff street attack within a few hours and eliminated him,” then-Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told the Cabinet on April 10.

“The State of Israel will do everything necessary to overcome this terrorism. We will settle accounts with everyone who was linked, either directly or indirectly, to the attacks. … The State of Israel has gone on offense,” he said.


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