Former Trump campaign aides Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie have left Israel after a month of working on the election campaign of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli media reported on Tuesday.

Lewandowski was U.S. President Donald Trump’s first campaign manager in the 2016 election, and remains a close confidant. Bossie was also involved in the 2016 Trump campaign.

Netanyahu had sought to bring in fresh blood and new ideas to his campaign staff, according to the Haaretz report. The two aides held meetings with the Likud team and built a campaign that focused on the prime minister’s achievements, avoided negative messaging and included lots of field work.

During the official launch of his Likud Party’s campaign ahead of Israel’s March 2 elections, Netanyahu took a page from Trump’s playbook, announcing that if elected, all illegal immigrants would be expelled from the country. Trump’s campaign in 2016 made illegal immigration a top issue.

“We built this fence, how many people get through?” said Netanyahu, according to i24 News.

“Zero. Zero. We blocked the entry of a million infiltrators. A third of those who came in we’ve already taken them out of the country, and we’ll get the other two-thirds out of the country as well.”

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