On Monday, Al-Furqan, one of the media arms of the Islamic State (ISIS), released a video featuring ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi calling on his fighters to carry out attacks against France, its allies, and Saudi Arabia.

In the video, titled “In the hospitality of the emir of believers,” Al-Baghdadi urges the people of Algeria and Sudan to declare jihad against their governments, praises the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka and recognizes a group of military commanders, including foreigners and media officials.

Al-Baghdadi starts by commenting on ISIS’s defeat in Baghouz, Syria, saying it was part of the ongoing war between Muslims and the Crusaders and that the group’s fighters had shown steadfastness that “terrorized the hearts of the Crusaders.” He then lists the names of commanders and officials who were in charge at Baghouz, among whom were a few Saudi citizens.

Al-Baghdadi stresses that no territory was given up without a fight, asks Allah to accept those killed in Baghouz as martyrs and prays that those imprisoned be freed. “With Allah’s permission,” he says, “their brothers will never forget these sacrifices and generosity and they will avenge them and they will not forget them as long as they live and there will be other parts to this battle with Allah’s permission.”

Al-Baghdadi also praises the series of attacks he claims various ISIS branches carried out to avenge the defeat in Baghouz, saying that 92 operations had taken place in eight countries.

Al-Baghdadi then congratulated his fighters in Libya for briefly taking over the town of Al-Fuqaha, adding that “they should also know that jihad will continue until Judgement Day and that Allah has ordered us to wage jihad, not to attain victory.”

The ISIS leader then welcomes pledges of allegiance from fighters in Burkina Faso and Mali, saying: “We bless their pledge of allegiance and their joining the caravan of the Caliphate and we ask Allah to protect them and to protect our brother Abu Al-Waleed Al-Sahrawi. I urge them to intensify their attacks against Crusader France and its allies and to avenge their brothers in Iraq and Syria.”

Commenting on the ousting of the presidents of Algeria and Sudan, Al-Baghdadi expresses his disappointment in the people of both countries, saying: “They didn’t know why they protested and as soon as they ousted a tyrant he was replaced by one who is worse and more oppressive toward Muslims.” Addressing them, he says: “We remind them that the only method that would work with these tyrants is waging jihad for the sake of Allah. By waging jihad, the tyrants would be silenced and dignity and glory can be attained by waging jihad and only the sword works with these tyrants.”

The video features a voice message from Al-Baghdadi, who praises the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka, saying they were was revenge for those killed in Baghouz. He says that attack was “a fraction of the revenge awaiting the Crusaders and their tails with the permission of Allah. Blessing due to Allah that among those killed were Americans and Europeans.” Al-Baghdadi acknowledges ISIS’s foiled attack against a security building in Al-Zulfi, Saudi Arabia and calls for more attacks in the country and against the House of Saud.