The state-owned Israel Postal Company and the Swiss Post have partnered up to find startups that offer technological solutions to challenges facing both companies, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday.

Israeli entrepreneurs, developers and startups are invited to propose to both organizations solutions to certain postal services, such as package returns, deliveries, unstaffed stores, customs, robotics and more. Startups will go through an initial screening and selection process by Israel Post, and then present their ventures to the management teams of both postal services in early September.

The selected companies will carry out pilot projects with Israel Post and be able to participate in the new Israel Post innovation center currently being built in Tel Aviv. The project chosen by the Swiss Post will be invited to a workshop in Switzerland, where the postal service will determine if the companies will carry out a funded pilot project with the Swiss Post.

Swiss Post employs some 58,000 people and is the third-largest employer in Switzerland, while Israel Post employs 7,000 workers.

“Our role is to find solutions that will enable customers to enjoy a fast, inexpensive and efficient service,” said Danny Goldstein, CEO of Israel Post. “The cooperation between Israel Post and Swiss Post is a great opportunity for Israeli startups to get to know postal companies closely and work together with us and with the Swiss Post, which is considered to be one of the most advanced logistics companies in the world.”