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25-year FBI veteran joins ADL as security vice president

Rusty Rosenthal previously ran the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Israel office.

FBI logo. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.
FBI logo. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Russell “Rusty” Rosenthal, a 25-year FBI veteran who led the bureau’s Israel office, has joined the Anti-Defamation League as vice president of security and law enforcement. He will focus on the nonprofit’s partnerships with federal, state and local law enforcement and on the security of its staff, the ADL announced.

Most recently, Rosenthal was the FBI’s Asian operations unit chief in its international operations division. He has also worked as a legal attaché, counterintelligence investigator and certified forensic examiner focused on computer analysis.

“Having served the American people in the FBI for 25 years, I understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve,” said Rosenthal. “I look forward to continuing to partner with allies at the state, local and federal levels in advancing this timely and critical mission.”

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