With the Syrian regime again in control of its side of the Golan Heights border, the Israel Defense Forces said on Thursday that it would shut down its “Good Neighbor” campaign after two years of operations, during which it provided humanitarian aid to Syrian civilians across the border.

The military also shuttered a day clinic it had operated near the border for the past year, which treated some 7,000 Syrian children.

The IDF said the humanitarian aid provided by the directorate to Syrian civilians was “a gesture of goodwill.”

According to the military, its humanitarian operation was “further expression of it values, which include lending a helping hand in times of need to needy civilians, beyond Israel’s borders as well.”

Among other things, the IDF transferred 630 tents, 40 vehicles, 20 generators, some 8,200 diaper packages, around 1,700 tons of food, 26,000 boxes of medical supplies and some 350 tons of clothes.