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Fatah official brandishes rifle, calls for more terror attacks

Bullets are the only way to speak with Israel, Ata Abu Rumeileh says.

Palestinians celebrate Friday's Jerusalem synagogue massacre. Via MEMRI.
Palestinians celebrate Friday's Jerusalem synagogue massacre. Via MEMRI.

Ata Abu Rumeileh, secretary of the Fatah branch in Jenin, attended a march on Saturday celebrating that day’s terror shooting in Jerusalem conducted by a 13-year-old Palestinian and the previous day’s Jerusalem synagogue massacre, in which a Palestinian terrorist killed seven Israelis.

Abu Rumeileh led the march armed with an assault rifle and surrounded by dozens of masked gunmen. He lauded the “righteous martyrs” who carried out the attacks and urged future attacks on Israelis, according to MEMRI.

Weapons and bullets should be the sole language spoken with Israel and the intifada has “turned into a war” that will not finish until the “martyrs’ blood is avenged,” the Fatah official said.

“May these attacks send their corpses to hell,” he added. The march footage was broadcasted on Palestine Today T.V. (Lebanon).

MEMRI compiled footage of Palestinians throughout Gaza, Judea, and Samaria celebrating the massacre.

The attack was the deadliest terror attack in Israel since 2011. In the videos, large crowds of Palestinians—including children—can be seen dancing, singing, distributing sweets, setting off fireworks, lighting bonfires and chanting slogans such as “Allah Akbar!,” “Millions of martyrs are marching to Jerusalem!” and “Death to [Israeli National Security Minister Itamar] Ben-Gvir!”

Such festivities were conducted in Ramallah, the seat of the Palestinian Authority, as well as in Nablus, Jenin and Hebron. There were also celebrations close to where the attack took place in the Israeli capital.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian leadership said on Saturday that the “Israeli occupation government is fully responsible for the dangerous escalation.”

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