During a protest in Gaza against Facebook’s removal of Palestinian accounts and pages, organized by the Journalist Support Committee, Tawfiq Al-Sayyid Salim, Head of the Palestinian Media Assembly, said that the “targeting of Palestinian content by Facebook” was “no less dangerous than the physical targeting of Palestinian journalists and media by the occupation forces.”

Accusing Facebook of violating freedom of speech, he said that “Facebook has lost its standing as a social media website” and has become “an accomplice in the crimes committed against the Palestinians.”

Palestinian new media expert Khaled Safi said that Palestinian content was being monitored by Israelis, complaining that the Facebook page of the Hamas TV channel Al-Aqsa was taken down multiple times over a “completely normal post” – “just a word, a knife, or even car tires.”

Footage from the protest aired on Hona Al-Quds TV and Al-Aqsa TV.