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Israel’s first Shake Shack planned for Tel Aviv in 2024

The burger chain has 15 restaurants planned for Israel over the next decade. It hasn’t said if they will be kosher.

A Shake Shack fast-food restaurant in central Tokyo.Credit: YAO23/Shutterstock.
A Shake Shack fast-food restaurant in central Tokyo.Credit: YAO23/Shutterstock.

Earlier this year, 7-Eleven opened its first store in Israel. Next year, the land of flowing Slurpees is poised to have its first Shake Shack fast-food restaurant.

The popular U.S. burger chain announced on April 19 that it would open at least 15 Israeli branches in the next decade, with the first to appear in Tel Aviv.

“We’re thrilled to bring the iconic Shake Shack experience to Israel and share our passion for high-quality ingredients, hospitality and community,” said Harel Wizel, CEO of Israeli fashion and retail group Fox, which is partnering with global high-end food service company Yarzin Sella.

Known for its Angus beef burgers, crinkle fries and frozen custard used in its multiflavored milkshakes (it offers vegetarian options as well), Shake Shack hasn’t said whether or not the Israeli restaurants will be kosher.

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