Hundreds have signed a petition calling for the removal from YouTube of the three-hour July 4 address delivered by Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam (NOI) since 1977 because of his numerous “anti-Semitic comments.” This, however, plays right into his hands. As Farrakhan explains, the “imposter Jews,” the “white Jews,” those who “claim they’re Jews, and they’re not” want to silence him so the world won’t know that “I represent the end of their civilization. I represent the uncovering of their wickedness.” In fact, “that’s why they hate me … because … they know they cannot say I’m lying on them. They just say he’s a bigot. He’s anti-Semitic.”

In his July 4 oration, Farrakhan stressed that to silence him would be to erase the voice of God. “God made me His mouthpiece.” And today “[I am] delivering … a message from on high. I represent the Master of Life.”

Elaborating, he divulges, “This man that is talking to you has power with God. … I’m the real deal.” For Farrakhan, his conflict with the “so-called Jews” is a religious war. He calls on his followers—and all “black people”—to “tell it from the mountaintop. … Tell Satan … ‘Farrakhan is God’s man, and you [the imposter Jews] are from the Enemy of God. So to hell with you!’ ” God has brought him before his listeners today “to make Satan fully known—so you may fall away from Satan.” And he ends his sermon with the prayer that “We may put to a perpetual flight Satan, the arch-deceiver, the imposter Jews—who are worthy of the chastisement of God.”

Farrakhan chose his words carefully—drawing on the Koranic promise to Jews, of “degradation in this world and a mighty chastisement in the next world.” He was delivering Allah’s message, he confided, because “I am walking in the footsteps of Muhammad.” Following in his path, he shares Muhammad’s nemesis—the Jews, the only people cursed in the Koran. Just as Muhammad charged the Jews of Yathrib (renamed Medina, “City of the Prophet”) with being the “corrupters of Scripture,” and the Koran warns that Jews should therefore never be trusted, Farrakhan (and the NOI) preach that from the beginning, the “imposter Jews” transformed the Torah, crafting a deity who blessed their Satanic mission—not to serve, but—“to  master their own white brethren” and “to master [the Black Nation], the Original People of our planet.”

It is, however, with the Talmud, Farrakhan has repeatedly emphasized, that the transgressors, “the wicked Jews … [fully] changed the truth of God into a lie” … “that would make them the wicked rulers of our planet until the coming of God.” It is by studying and heeding the prescriptions and proscriptions of the Talmud that the imposters do “evil to those whom [they] believe are less than [themselves]”—that they have “put black people in the condition that we’re in,” “justifying [their iniquity] by the Talmud.” As a member, well-schooled in NOI dogma, has explained, “The Jewish Talmud … caused more murders of Africans than all of the gas chambers in Nazi Germany [killed Jews].” Thus, Farrakhan is guilty not simply of “a long history of anti-Semitic comments,” as many of his critics claim, but of a persistent, obsessive campaign to delegitimize Judaism itself.

Speaking as a Shi’a Muslim, Farrakhan also identified himself in his address as the voice—indeed, the son—of “the Great Mahdi,” the Redeemer and founding father of the Nation of Islam, Fard Muhammad. Farrakhan is speaking on this day because it was on July 4, 1930 that Fard arrived in Detroit, traveling from “Mecca, his birthplace”—in fact, he came from San Quentin prison—“while America was celebrating their independence … to offer the ex-slave our independence from them.” To the NOI, this day, not Juneteenth, heralds the beginning of their freedom—and awareness of their glorious past—for Fard “could recite the history of Our Nation [the Black Nation] going back 150,000 years, day by day.”

In 1932, when Fard left the planet, heading for the Mother Wheel—the spaceship hovering 20 miles above the Earth, which Farrakhan visited in 1985—Farrakhan was, he explains, “in my mother’s womb, … and she was trying to abort me.” After “she failed three times, … she said, all right, I’ll have this child.” Now, Farrakhan screams, “Who was it that protected my life in the womb? Who was it that nurtured me as a child? Who … put that violin in my hand? Who was it?” As, in effect, the son of the Mahdi, “I’m not no ordinary Negro. No, hell no. He made me. That’s why you can’t find nobody like me.”

“You’ll see after today,” he alerts his listeners, that “the enemy will be absolutely desirous of ending my life right away.” But be forewarned that this address is “a message that God [the Mahdi] wants me to deliver” because “I’m about to go back to the Wheel.”

Indeed, Farrakhan reveals to his audience that just as the imposter Jews tried to kill the Prophet Muhammad, they have attempted to kill him—the current Messenger of God. With the Talmud as their guide, they knew the way to determine “that you are really from God [is to] poison you, and if you … remain alive, that … is the witness that you are from God.” Thus, when they fed Muhammad “lamb laced with poison, … the Prophet was ill … but he survived.” Still, “the poison had affected his nerves,” and “near the end of his time among us, … his legs became weak and he had to walk with two strong men by his side.”

And so it came to pass with Farrakhan. Diagnosed with cancer in 1991, “a beautiful black doctor” operated on him at Howard University Hospital, and “within a couple of hours I was up and preaching.” In 1997, however, when the cancer returned, he was treated at “a clinic [near] CIA headquarters,” where the imposter Jews or their agents inserted “180 … radiated seeds.” “They were [so] sure that I would not survive” that the (Jewish-controlled) media “had written my obituary,” and “Nelson Mandela’s wife called me from South Africa, and said, ‘Farrakhan, they announced on television that you had died!’ ” Farrakhan describes how “I became … full of pain, pain so much that there is no opiate that I have not tried. … They burnt up my insides …  half my organs are gone, but I’m still here.” However, just like Muhammad, “my legs are finally giving out,” and NOI brothers are now at his side “to keep me from stumbling.” Triumphantly, he concludes: “So if the Jews are saying that we did try to kill him, and you know I’m alive—then what should that tell you about who I am!”

Nonetheless, in closing, Farrakhan warns “the Jewish community” that if “you [still] feel that you are able to … kill me, [God] might let me go into your hands for a short while, but don’t believe that you will have killed me. If you make that move, I can guarantee your destruction.”

As a result of Farrakhan’s treatment for cancer—in which “they … poisoned me”—he is less afraid of the coronavirus, which he identifies as “a pestilence from God,” than he is of a cure—the vaccination from Satan. To be sure, he would welcome a vaccine developed by black doctors in Cuba, who are “our direct relations,” and who traveled to Wuhan “when the plague broke out, … and with the Chinese, they corrected it and drove it out of Wuhan,” although he’s also “looking into [a cure from] Madagascar.” But he strongly opposes any cure endorsed by “Dr. [Anthony] Fauci, Bill Gates and Melinda,” who are “now plotting to give 7,500,000,000 a vaccination” because “you want to depopulate the earth. What the hell gives you that right?”

Above all, however, Farrakhan issues a warning to all blacks against a vaccine promoted by so-called Jews: Satan’s agents. Convinced that it will be that “skillful deceiver,” Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz who will take the lead—after all, he studied Talmud as a youth—Farrakhan threatens him: “If you bring the vaccine and say you’re gonna bring your army to force us to take it … that’s a declaration of war on all of us.” This will be the final battle—between the forces of God, led by Farrakhan, and the soldiers of Satan, led by a man “masquerading as a lawyer.”

Dr. Eunice G. Pollack (and Dr. Stephen H. Norwood) are co-authors of “White Devils, Satanic Jews: The Nation of Islam from Fard to Farrakhan,” Modern Judaism (May 2020): 137-168.

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