Israeli security forces on Monday shot and killed a ‎Palestinian terrorist who attempted to stab soldiers ‎near the settlement of Ariel. No Israeli troops were harmed in the ‎incident.‎

According to available details, the man arrived at the ‎Gitai Junction, near the Barkan Industrial Park in ‎Samaria, and tried to stab one of the soldiers staffing a security checkpoint.‎

The troops engaged the terrorist, opening fire. ‎The man sustained mortal wounds and paramedics summoned ‎to the junction pronounced him dead at the scene. ‎

This was the third terrorist incident in the area ‎in the span of a week.

Two people were wounded on Thursday in a stabbing ‎attack near the Shomron Regional Brigade army base. ‎One reserve soldier suffered moderate wounds and ‎another, a woman, sustained minor shrapnel wounds in the ‎ensuing melee. ‎

Two Israelis were killed and a third was wounded last ‎Sunday in a shooting attack at an Alon Group facility ‎in the Barkan Industrial Park. ‎The terrorist, identified as Ashraf Walid Suleiman Na’alwa, from ‎the West Bank village of Shawika, remains at large. ‎