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WATCH: Israel Navy, ground troops in joint operations

As the IDF drives deeper into Gaza, cooperation between the naval and ground arms has expanded.

An Israeli Navy vessel off the coast of Gaza during Operation "Protective Edge" on July 28, 2014. Photo by Edi Israel/Flash90.
An Israeli Navy vessel off the coast of Gaza during Operation "Protective Edge" on July 28, 2014. Photo by Edi Israel/Flash90.

Since the beginning of the Oct. 7 conflict, the Israel Navy has been active in the Gaza arena in both defense and offense, as well as in assisting other forces. Naval vessels have targeted hundreds of terrorist targets, including observation posts, anti-tank missile teams, enemy vessels, as well as Hamas infrastructure and bases.

So far, the navy has killed about 200 terrorists, including many Hamas naval commandos. In addition, Shayetet 13–Israel Navy’s special operations unit–has carried out commando raids in the Gaza Strip.

Video: The Israeli Navy joins the Gaza operations/ Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

With the expansion of ground operations, cooperation between the IDF’s navy and ground forces has also expanded. The navy supports the ground forces by hitting various targets on land.

As part of the extensive joint operations effort, senior officers from ground units have been stationed in command posts in the southern maritime area and have carried out precision attacks in coordination with IDF infantry and armored forces. 

“Our motto is an iron wall in defense. We are focused on three efforts: defense, offense, and assistance to the ground offensive. We are determined, and we will prevail,” says Cmdr. Matan, head of 916th Squadron. 

Video: Israeli naval forces in the Gaza operation / Credit: IDF

The forces maintain direct, real-time communication and operate in coordination, serving as a force multiplier for ground operations. In some cases, threats have emerged from the sea, which the navy quickly responded to, leading to the elimination of terrorists and the protection of ground forces.

Documentation of the Navy’s attack in the Gaza Strip, Photo: IDF Spokesperson

Rear Adm. Eitan Paz, commander of the Ashdod Naval Base, asserted: “The Israel Navy is operating in full cooperation with the ground forces in the Gaza Strip. Each of the brigades on the ground has a team of patrol boats, missile boats, and Shayetet 13 commandos to back them up. They provide fire support and observation for the ground forces.

“Joint operations have led us to rapid engagements with the enemy, within minutes of the initial encounter, which includes the targeting of many terror units. This is done in parallel with the hundreds of infrastructure destruction operations carried out by the navy since the start of the war.”

Originally published by Israel Hayom.

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