CCL Shul Members is pleased to announce the selection of our new name, Magen Chicago, to reflect our growth from a small group of concerned citizens to an organization at the forefront of safety and security in the Greater Chicago area.

CCL Shul Members started as a grassroots organization in 2016 by a diverse group of medics, educators, professionals, and businessmen who were all concerned citizens eager to learn about responsibly securing their respective shuls. We soon expanded to provide our members with support, education, and training in emergency medicine, security, safety, and threat response. As antisemitism incidents increased, CCL Shul Members collaborated with shul boards and leaders to create dedicated, community-centered safety teams for our shuls.

Over the years, CCL Shul Members have broadened their scope of operations. The organization built relationships worked with first responders and provided much-needed information and education to the entire Chicago Jewish community. Stop the Bleed courses and medical kits for shuls, candle lighting PSAs, safety seminars, our “When in Doubt, Call It Out” 911 campaign, the Community Tip Line, community outreach, and the Shul Alert Channel, which is monitored by over 130 safety team members and five local police departments, are among our current communications, campaigns, and ongoing classes. We also have active threat presentations and drills with local first responder agencies, women’s and men’s krav maga classes, and Krav maga classes for school students with the help of Standstrong. We also provide CPR/AED classes to individuals and shuls, as well as local security cameras for use by the police and our original Shul Safety Officer and Greeter programs.

With our accomplishments, we’ve grown into more than just a group of concerned citizens. We have formed a group whose mission is to protect our shuls, schools, and community through planning, education, and collaboration among local law enforcement agencies. Magen Chicago is now our new name.

We have so much more to do as Magen Chicago. Our education and programs are provided to the community at no cost. And with the community’s financial support, we will be able to expand our outreach and efforts even further. Magen Chicago is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status. Contributions are tax-deductible.

About The Publishers
MAGEN Chicago
MAGEN Chicago (formerly known as CCL Shul Members) keeps our community and Shuls safe through community education, law enforcement coordination, and personal preparation. ​​Our goal is to educate and train community members to react better and respond to safety issues in their communities. We provide classes and training in Stop The Bleed, CPR/AED, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, security, threat detection, de-escalation, self-defense, and martial arts, as well as knowledge of and compliance with local law. Our organization develops relationships and coordinates with local Police and Fire Departments, providing much-needed information and education to the entire Chicago Jewish Community. Magen Chicago Members are given updates on local activities and information regarding community safety. Our SSO and SSG programs train and prepare our Officers for Shul and school safety. What We Do ​​ Threats and attacks against faith-based communities are significantly increasing. Anti-semitic assaults on Jewish places of worship, businesses, and homes have become a part of a new reality. In light of these acts of terror, we must be informed, trained, and educated to target and harden our communities. ​Magen Chicago provides multi-level standardized training, education, security, and law enforcement coordination. Our top-tier instructors from law enforcement and medical fields bring the highest quality instruction available, and class participants receive life-saving education and training to help reduce the likelihood and severity of multi-casualty events. Our Shul Security Officer and Greeter training, contacts, and liaisons with local Police and First Responders ensure further awareness and threat preparedness for our community. Magen Chicago's services and programs include, but are not limited to: Community Outreach ​Stop The Bleed Certification CPR & AED Certification Shul and school medical kits Candle Lighting PSAs "When in Doubt, Call it Out" Campaign Community Tip Line Tactical Emergency Casualty Care training Self Defense / Security Law seminars Krav Maga Classes for men and women StandStrong Krav Maga classes for schools WhatsApp Alert Channel Law Enforcement Coordination Shul Alert Channel monitored by local Police Departments and Team Members DHS Nonprofit Security Grant Program support and consulting Threat Intelligence working groups and seminars Active Threat Presentations and Drills with First Responders Security CCTV shared with local Police Departments Shul and School Safety Services Developing & managing Shul and school security programs Safety Officer and Greeter vetting and certification Program Ongoing training and education for SSO/SSGs Professional security planning, training & consulting services Most of our education and programs are offered for free to our community. And with the community's financial help, we will only grow in our outreach and efforts. Magen Chicago is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.
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