British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has fallen in a Times of London poll among party members amid an anti-Semitism crisis and his leadership as the United Kingdom seeks to break away from the European Union, known as “Brexit.”

More than half disapprove of Corbyn’s handling of Brexit. And 48 percent polled as him as either fairly or poorly dealing with complaints of anti-Semitism, while 47 percent said he is handling such complaints well or fairly well, with 5 percent responding that they don’t know.

“While other political parties and some of the media exaggerate and distort the scale of the problem in our party, we must face up to the unsettling truth that a small number of Labour members hold anti-Semitic views, and a larger number don’t recognize anti-Semitic stereotypes and conspiracy theories,” said Corbyn on Sunday, apparently pointing fingers elsewhere.

He has led the party since 2015.

A full-page ad in The Guardian less than a week ago, bought by 60 Labour members, accused Corbyn of “allowing anti-Semitism to grow in our party and presiding over the most shaming period in Labour’s history.”