On the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Wasim Afifi, a columnist on the Egyptian news portal Elmwatin.com, published an article in which he listed “five reasons that caused the Arab world to reject the veracity of the Holocaust.”

He stated that the media inflated the dimensions of the Holocaust as part of a conspiracy by Russia, which wanted to blacken Germany’s image, and the West, which wanted to establish a state for the Jews in Palestine. Auschwitz, he added, was not a concentration camp but rather a factory for manufacturing pesticides, and the crematoria were meant for burning the bodies of typhus victims.

The world’s misguided ideas about Auschwitz are a result of propaganda by Russia, which controlled the camp and manufactured fake evidence there after the war. Also according to ‘Afifi, calculations prove that the Germans cannot have exterminated six million Jews, nor is it possible that their wealth was confiscated, considering that they now possess “the greatest wealth in the world.”

He claimed further that no official documents prove that the Nazis had a policy of exterminating the Jews. The German plan, he says, was to create a Jewish homeland in Madagascar, but “technical difficulties” and the need for working hands prompted them to use the Jews as laborers instead.

Full article at MEMRI.