Multiple explosives were detonated along the northern Gaza border fence during an early-morning patrol on Thursday by the Israel Defense Forces.

Media reports say an anti-tank missile may have been fired. The military vehicles were at a sufficient distance from the explosion, and no injuries or damage to IDF equipment were reported.

“A short while ago, a number of explosive devices were detonated on the security fence along the northern Gaza Strip. No injuries were reported,” the IDF Spokespersons Unit said on Twitter.

“In response, IDF tanks targeted Hamas posts. The IDF holds Hamas responsible for all incidents of terrorism that happen under its jurisdiction,” the IDF said.

The area of the attack is a frequent protest ground for Gazan residents. The IDF launched an investigation into whether the bombs were planted by the demonstrators.

In February, two Israeli soldiers were seriously wounded, and two others moderately and lightly wounded, when a planted device was detonated on the border fence of southern Gaza.