A child was killed and several other people were wounded in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday when explosives stored in a residential home in Khan Younis detonated, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

“Another tragedy in the Gaza Strip today. Weapons stored unsafely in the house of a member of a Palestinian terrorist group exploded and killed a young child in the vicinity,” said IDF international spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Hecht.

“These are the sad consequences of militarizing civilian areas for terrorist activity,” he added.

Israel has repeatedly accused Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza of storing weapons and building military infrastructure in residential areas with a view to shielding them from IDF strikes, even though the practice places civilians at risk.

According to the IDF, during the recent conflict with Palestinian Islamic Jihad at least 15 civilians were killed by projectiles launched by the terror group that malfunctioned and landed short in Gaza.

In one instance, a PIJ rocket that misfired and caused an explosion in a populated area of Jabalya killed numerous people, including four children.

During a live broadcast on Aug. 7, Lebanon’s Mayadeen TV caught a PIJ rocket misfiring and coming down in a Gaza neighborhood. A few moments later, a voice is heard instructing the cameraman, who followed the missile’s course, to “please turn the camera away, turn the camera upwards.”


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