During a live broadcast on Aug. 7, Lebanon’s Mayadeen TV caught a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket misfiring and coming down in a Gaza neighborhood. The correspondent can be heard telling the cameraman to avert the camera.

The correspondent can be heard in the video, a translated version of which was posted by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) on Monday, stating that rockets are being launched toward the sea, “maybe towards the gas fields.”

One of the rockets can then be seen straying off-course, veering away from the coastline and impacting in a populated area.

A few moments later, a voice is heard instructing the cameraman, who followed the missile’s course, to “please, turn the camera away, turn the camera upwards.”

The presenter then attempts to continue the broadcast, saying, “Yes, Ahmad, apparently rockets were launched towards the sea.”

According to the Israeli military, during the three days of fighting between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists that began on Aug. 5, the Gaza-based terror group launched some 1,100 rockets at Israel, 200 of which fell inside the Gaza Strip.

Of the 990 that crossed into Israel, Israel’s Iron Dome air-defense system intercepted 380 that would have come down in populated areas; a success rate of 96%, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

More Palestinian noncombatants were killed by misfired PIJ rockets than by Israeli strikes, according to the IDF. Thirty-five Palestinians, 11 of them non-combatants, were killed by Israeli airstrikes during “Operation Breaking Dawn,” while 15 Gaza civilians were killed by failed PIJ rockets, according to IDF figures.


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