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Indian FM urges taking ‘cooperation forward’ in call with Israeli counterpart

“Look forward to partnering [with Eli Cohen] in taking our cooperation forward...including on economy and security,” says Dr. S. Jaishankar.

Relations between India and Israel have flourished for 30 years. Credit: Israeli Embassy in India.
Relations between India and Israel have flourished for 30 years. Credit: Israeli Embassy in India.

Indian Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar on Thursday phoned his Israeli counterpart Eli Cohen to congratulate him on assuming his post.

“Look forward to partnering [with Cohen] in taking our cooperation forward. Value his many insights, including on economy and security,” Jaishankar wrote in a follow-up Twitter post.

The top Indian diplomat invited Cohen to visit New Dehli.

“We discussed ways to strengthen the strategic partnership between the countries, promote joint projects in the field of innovation, and promote a free trade agreement,” wrote Cohen on Twitter.

On Jan. 29, India and Israel celebrated 30 years of full diplomatic relations, kicking off a year of joint cultural and educational events.

Then-Defense Minister Benny Gantz visited New Delhi in June. He was hosted by his counterpart, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

“India and Israel share similar and common challenges, including border security and fighting terrorism. By working together, we may increase our capabilities and ensure the security and economic interests of both countries,” Gantz told Singh at the time

India gained independence from the British in August 1947 and Israel in May 1948.

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