Iran’s former Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said during a recent interview that the moon landings are a lie, and that travel to other planets will only become possible once the Hidden Imam arrives.

Mohammad-Hadi Homayoun, a professor at Imam Sadegh University, told Iran’s Channel 4 on July 17 that when this happens, there will be no more diseases and people will be able to communicate with jinns.

“Enormous things are going to take place,” said Homayoun. “Those who want regimes that are just must know that this will certainly happen [when the Hidden Imam appears]. If somebody wants to travel to other planets—this is also going to become possible. People say that [man] has gone to the moon and stuff like that, but they are almost certainly lying. Man has not yet left planet Earth. We have not yet gone to the moon.”

Homayoun added that “according to our tradition, we will be able to go to other planets only after [the Hidden Imam] appears.”

Communicating with jinns “will also become possible, and the jinns will serve man,” said Homayoun. “We won’t be afraid of the jinns like we are now. I am talking about God-fearing jinns.”

He added that once the imam arrives, there will be no more disease.

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