Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas reportedly refused to take a phone call from U.S. President Donald Trump ahead of the White House’s expected release of its long-awaited Mideast peace plan for the Israelis and Palestinians.

“There were attempts by Trump to hold a phone call with Abbas, but the latter refused,” an unnamed high-ranking Palestinian official told the state-run Turkish outlet Anadolu.

P.A. Social Affairs Minister Ahmad Majdalani confirmed the Anadolu report to the Gaza-based Dunia al-Watan news site, saying that Abbas recently “refused a phone call from Trump.”

The P.A. stated its rejection of the Trump administration’s peace plan before it has even been made public, as it is reportedly said to be favorable towards the Jewish state. Ramallah cut off contact with Washington after Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December 2017.

The White House declined to comment, reported The Times of Israel.

The White House did consider inviting Abbas for meetings about the plan, according to Israeli media reports.

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