(December 20, 2020 / )Two old classmates meet one another after the Holocaust and resume a quarrel they’ve been waging since their childhood, a debate that dramatizes essential arguments about what God demands of Jews, what Jews demand of God, and what men demand of one another.

Earlier this month, Mosaic published the first unabridged English translation of “My Quarrel with Hersh Rasseyner,” a modern Jewish classic by the Yiddish writer Chaim Grade, along with a sparkling interpretive and introductory essay by Ruth R. Wisse.

The fiery text jumps off the page, so to bring you the full drama of Grade’s great quarrel, we’ve put together a staged performance of the story, using Wisse’s new translation as a script, and featuring two incredible actors.

In the tradition of going to the movies for the winter holidays, we’re broadcasting the premiere—making it available online for at-home viewing—this week.

Will you join us for the premiere?

The show debuts on Wednesday, December 23rd, at 7 pm Eastern time, streaming live on Mosaic‘s website. After the show, Wisse herself will be available for Q&A, and we’ll continue the discussion. A ticket costs just $30, is good for friends and family, and comes with a year-long subscription to Mosaic. Just go right here to get your subscription and your ticket.

It’s going to be a wonderful evening, a way to share a Jewish experience with relatives and friends when it’s still difficult to get together in person. So place your order at your favorite Chinese take-out, and spend the holidays together with us at Mosaic, Chaim Grade, and Ruth Wisse.

And if you’re not quite sure, check out a short clip below and see what you’ll be missing.

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