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Israelis under rocket fire utilize Jewish National Fund-USA fortified buildings

Residents of Israel's Gaza Envelope have been told to seek shelter as rockets rain down on civilian population centers.

Terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip launch rockets at Israel, May 10, 2023. Photo by Majdi Fathi/TPS.
Terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip launch rockets at Israel, May 10, 2023. Photo by Majdi Fathi/TPS.

Jewish National Fund-USA’s fortified infrastructure and resilience centers are being utilized by residents of Israel’s Gaza Envelope as rockets continue to target Israeli population centers.

Notably, the situation in Israel’s south has placed the lives of countless children at risk, exposing them to profound psychological trauma. Local resident Yedidya Harush shared his family’s experience, shedding light on the challenges faced by Israeli communities during this crisis.

Local resident Yedidya Harush shares what life under fire is like.

Harush, speaking about the situation, said, “This morning we woke up after being awake for a few hours last night. All activities, commerce, and roads are shut down. We were told to stay as close as possible to shelters. My daughter, who has been suffering the most from the situation, refused to leave the shelter, and continues to cry and pray.”

The persistent threat of rocket attacks and the need to seek shelter regularly have created an atmosphere of constant fear and anxiety among Israeli children in the region. The trauma they endure goes beyond the immediate danger, affecting their mental well-being and overall development. Approximately 90% of the children in Israel’s Gaza Envelope suffer from PTSD.

On Wednesday night, Harush attended a family wedding near the city of Ashdod, where even joyous celebrations were affected by the crisis. Due to new restrictions, the wedding, originally planned for 600 guests, was limited to just 100 attendees.

“We are in an intense waiting period, but we are strong, and support and prayers from Jewish National Fund-USA’s partners and professionals mean the world to us and give us strength,” Harush added, emphasizing the crucial role that solidarity and support from the organization’s philanthropists play in these trying times.

For years, Jewish National Fund-USA has made philanthropic investments in Israel’s Gaza Envelope and Eshkol regions, addressing the needs of children and the broader community, including access to fortified facilities, mental health support, and professional resources to help them cope with the traumatic experiences they continue to face.

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