Antisemitic, racist and homophobic graffiti was discovered at the College Park-University of Maryland Metro station parking garage last weekend, just one week after antisemitic graffiti was found on the Bethesda Trolley Trail.

“The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington is deeply troubled by the discovery of antisemitic, racist, and homophobic graffiti in the parking garage of the College Park U of MD Metro station this weekend, especially in light of antisemitic graffiti discovered last week on the Bethesda Trolley Trail and the recent shooting at a Colorado LGBTQ nightclub,” said Gil Preuss, CEO of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.

He added, “Hate has no place in our society. The Federation is working closely with our security team and local law enforcement to continue keeping our community safe and to learn more about this incident.”

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority said in a statement provided to The Diamondback, “Hate has no place on the Metro or anywhere else. Metro is working to remove the despicable graffiti as soon as possible.”

In the earlier incident on the Bethesda Trolley Trail, the graffiti included stick figures hanging from gallows alongside the words “no mercy for Jews,” as well as a swastika.

In the same region, George Washington University has recently seen several antisemitic incidents, including posters targeting Zionists with obscene language and protests calling for terrorism targeting Jews. Leaflets were found around the school’s main campus in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, with text reading “Zionists F*** Off.”


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