The gunman who killed nine people on Sunday in Dayton, Ohio, apparently showed his ex-girlfriend, Adelia Johnson, a “play by play” video of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting in October, Johnson wrote on Monday.

According to Johnson, she met the shooter, Connor Betts, in a psychology class at Sinclair College in January. On their first date, which was in March, Johnson claims Betts showed her a video of the Pittsburgh shooting.

“He pulled out his phone, and I was too drunk to care that I was watching it,” she wrote. “Thankfully, the bar was too loud for me to hear what was going on. Connor gave me the play-by-play of what was happening. Even then, I did realize that that was a weird thing for a first date, but not too weird given the context of our class.”

She went on to explain that “serial killers” was a frequent “off-topic” discussion in their class.

Johnson ended the relationship with Betts in May, saying that he needed to “work on himself and find more coping mechanisms” to deal with his “dark thoughts” and “uncontrollable urges.”

Betts reportedly had a “hit list” of boys he wanted to kill and girls he wanted to rape.

Among the nine people killed on Sunday at Ned Peppers Bar were Betts’s sister, Megan Betts. Twenty-seven other people were wounded. Police shot and killed Betts at the scene.

Robert Bowers, who was drawn to white nationalism, was indicted for shooting and killing 11 Jewish worshippers on Oct. 27, 2018, at the Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha synagogue in Pittsburgh.

This article first appeared in the Jewish Journal.