How were these elections in Israel different from the previous four?

To answer this question, in this week’s post-election “Caroline Glick Show,” Glick is joined by her old friend and erstwhile co-host, author and columnist Gadi Taub.

Glick and Taub look at the election’s results and compare them with the outcome of the previous round, that led to the establishment of the outgoing left-Islamic Brotherhood government last June.

The two consider the election from the perspective of the formation of the party lists. They also discuss the diminishing influence of the leftist media, the public reaction to the government’s policies and the disintegration of the criminal charges that forced Netanyahu out of power.

New challenges

Towards the end of the episode, Glick and Taub move to the main challenges facing the incoming Netanyahu administration in terms of institutional reform and policy towards Iran.


Who will tell the truth about Israel in 2023?

Few things are certainties in a fast-changing world.

But there’s little doubt that the rising tide of antisemitism and demonization of Israel will continue to worsen in the upcoming year.

A publication that you can trust to supply you with accurate information as well as the sort of analysis and opinion that puts it all in perspective is absolutely vital.

JNS is an oasis of truth.