Palestinian terrorist Ahmad Abed, a member of the Palestinian Authority Preventive Security Force who was killed in Jenin on Sept. 14, left a written will in which he explained that he had decided to die as a martyr for Allah’s sake because this is the highest ideal, as well as the best way to obtain Allah’s favor and elevate Islam.

According to the report by MEMRI, He asked his family to celebrate his martyrdom and his companions to carry on the armed battle and jihad against the enemy.

In his will, he wrote: “I write this last will in anticipation of my death as a martyr for the sake of Allah, for martyrdom is the best way to draw close to Allah, and no ideal can compare to it.”

He continued: “My friends and loved ones, do not abandon the path of jihad, for every people that neglected jihad was humiliated. Do not lay down your guns, which will bring you honor and supremacy.”


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