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As we rapidly approach the end of the year, we look ahead to a 2023 that promises unprecedented challenges for the State of Israel.

With an incoming right-wing government led once again by Benjamin Netanyahu, the international mainstream media has already laid the groundwork to accuse Israel of becoming an increasingly racist, intolerant and apartheid state. Israel’s friends in the West seem to be taking the media noise to heart, while Israel remains under constant pressure and scrutiny from the United Nations, and is held to a standard different than any other nation.

In this developing dynamic, the Israeli English press has been as responsible as the foreign media for painting Israel in an ominous light. Fear-mongering about the status of non-Orthodox Jews, and about status-quo issues such as the “Right of Return,” targets Jews abroad, sewing seeds of conflict and exacerbating a growing wedge between Israel and diaspora Jewry.

Oxygen for the loudest anti-Israel voices

In the United States, the incoming class of Congress is expected to swell the size of the so-called “Squad,” likely providing more oxygen to the loudest anti-Israel, pro-BDS and even antisemitic voices in the American government.

This troubling equation means that high-quality JNS coverage of Israel as a multi-faceted, dynamic, rising economic, military, technological and humanitarian power will stand out in the crowd and be increasingly essential to temper the deluge of criticism that is sure to pour in from far and wide.

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