The United States has unceremoniously evicted the head of the recently shuttered PLO mission in Washington, telling him and his family that their visas have been revoked.

The move comes just days after the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump ordered the closure of the PLO office in the nation’s capital.

Husam Zomlot’s children have already been withdrawn from school and let the country with their mother.

The decision to shut down the PLO mission was made in response to refusal by the Palestinian Authority to engage in any U.S.-brokered negotiations with Israel.

The P.A. cut off ties with America after Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December. Conducting meaningful talks with Israel is a prerequisite for maintaining a P.A. or PLO presence in Washington, according to a congressional mandate.

The P.A. has no official embassy in Washington because the United States does not recognize the Palestinian entity as a state. Zomlot was the highest-ranking Palestinian in Washington, although he was not considered an ambassador.