About JNS.org

JNS.org is an independent, non-profit, business resource and wire service covering Jewish news and Israel news for Jewish, Christian, and secular media throughout the English-speaking world.

We provide objective, non-partisan reporting from Jewish communities throughout the U.S., Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia and a wide array of Israel news. We also provide a rich assortment of photos and art, cultural news and features, commentary, and holiday-specific editorial packages around which our subscribers can sell seasonal-themed advertising.

Like all print media, print Jewish news faces an array of modern challenges. While maintaining a strong focus on online journalism, we see a compelling need to help these weekly print newspapers survive, and a significant opportunity for publishers to protect and even enhance these papers’ historic role as the front lines of Jewish media. They provide the glue that holds their local communities together. Our industry experts, decade-long veterans of proven accomplishment, will provide circulation support and extensive sales management training for publishers prepared to work for the growth of their circulations and revenues. 

JNS.org Staff

Jacob Kamaras is on a quest to become the most famous Jew from Brooklyn this side of Bernie Sanders—minus the accent. He began his journalistic career covering college sports for the student newspaper at Brandeis University, before “downgrading” to covering high school sports in his first post-college job. Realizing that refusing to cover sporting events on the Sabbath dimmed his prospects for advancement, Jacob instinctively returned to his Jewish roots through a staff writer position at a weekly Jewish newspaper in New Jersey, The Jewish State (not to be confused with the country). After The Jewish State went under (again, not to be confused with the country) in 2010, Jacob quickly landed on his feet with Fair Lawn Patch, part of a nationwide network of hyperlocal news websites that was owned by AOL at the time. In 2011, he went from hyperlocal to global as the first editor of JNS.org. Nearly five years after launching the wire service’s news product, Jacob remains strongly committed to his editorial philosophy of “quality over quantity” when it comes to covering Israel and the Diaspora. When he isn’t obsessing over crafting the perfect headline or lede, Jacob’s attention is focused on discovering the perfect craft beer, or orchestrating the perfect professional basketball trade through the NBA Trade Machine. Follow him on Twitter @JacobKamaras.

Alina Dain Sharon has loved writing from the time she jotted down short stories and poems as a child, later applying this passion and her curiosity for different topics to a career in journalism. She completed a master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in 2009, concentrating on health and science reporting as well as interactive journalism. She gained her first professional journalistic experience at several media organizations, making her foray into Jewish news with an internship at the Jüdische Allgemeine Jewish newspaper in Berlin. In 2011, she joined JNS.org, where as managing editor she works as a reporter and heads the online operations of the news service. Born to an immigrant family from the former Soviet Union that made aliyah to Israel in 1990 and later moved to the U.S., Alina has given up trying to put a label on “who” she is. She regularly juggles Hebrew, Russian and English, in which she is fluent—and, on occasion, French and German, in which she is also proficient. She and her husband recently welcomed a son. Follow her on Twitter @adainsharon.

Surrounded by walls of maps and bookcases of almanacs as a child, attempting to understand the world around us has always been a passion for Sean Savage since an early age. After studying abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2006, Sean became more interested in the Middle East, leading him to earn a master’s degree in international relations from Seton Hall University in 2009. Following graduate school, Sean worked as a middle east analyst for The David Project, where he traveled throughout the U.S. to lecture on Israel and the region. In 2012, he joined JNS.org as an associate editor, where he has helped to spearhead outreach to new subscribers outside of the Jewish media. An avid skier, cyclist, and speed skater, Sean currently lives in Massachusetts’s South Shore region with his wife Rachel and daughter Eleanor. 

Shalle' McDonald landed her first journalism job researching for the wine writers at the Wall Street Journal after earning her master’s degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Later on, she decided to complete another master’s in Jerusalem to learn more about the history and culture of the Jewish people. Shalle' left Israel for a while to work in publishing in Holland, but eventually moved back to the Jewish state and became a writer in the media department at International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. As her family grew, she became an eclectic homeschooling mom before joining the JNS.org team. After growing up in both the north and south of the U.S, Shalle' has no identifiable accent—and she prefers it that way because her kids are Dutch Americans with British accents.