Israel’s first NASCAR driver revved up to win

As a young boy growing up in Ashdod, Israel, Alon Day got his first go-kart at age 9. By 15, he was racing them. Less than a decade later, Day has become the first Israeli professional race car driver on the NASCAR circuit. He made history by competing in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series race at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on Aug. 13.

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What those captured Palestinian weapons really mean

It's one of the most disturbing photos from Israel that I've seen in years, writes columnist Stephen Flatow. I'm referring to this week's image of the hundreds of Palestinian terrorist weapons captured in Israeli raids. It was enough to send shivers down one's spine. And it revealed more about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than all the panel discussions, research papers, and expert analyses with which we are always being bombarded.

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In wake of World Vision scandal, aid groups lax with security

World Vision and other foreign aid organizations that have funneled millions of dollars to the terror group Hamas are directly responsible for the murder of scores of Israeli Jews, an Israeli legal expert contends. Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, president of Shurat HaDin Israeli legal center, warns that groups like World Vision cannot collect charity that ends up in the hand of terrorists “on the blood of the citizens of Israel."

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Following their sibling’s footsteps, dozens of new American olim join IDF

A group of 75 future IDF soldiers who made aliyah through Nefesh B’Nefesh on Aug. 17 on a flight facilitated in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, the Jewish Agency, Keren Kayemeth Le’Israel, JNF-USA and Tzofim-Garin Tzabar. Among the soldiers were several young men and women following in the footsteps of their siblings by joining the Israeli army, writes reporter Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman.

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Israeli defense minister: Israel won't allow Hamas to arm itself

A day after the Israel Defense Forces bombed a number of Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to a rocket attack on the southern Israeli town of Sderot, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned that the Jewish state cannot allow the Hamas terror group to arm itself. Lieberman’s caution comes just days after Hamas threatened to abduct Israeli soldiers on Sunday, showcasing two "prison cells" built especially for future Israeli captives. Meanwhile, in the West Bank, Israeli security forces also raided seven illegal Palestinian weapons mills in the Hebron and Bethlehem area on Monday night in the largest crackdown of its kind over the last year.

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U.S. military hero talks terrorism, tactic and trust: a Q&A with Peter Hegseth

Peter Hegseth, a rising figure in American conservative media, has one eye on the current war on terror and another on history. On a recent visit to Israel, Hegseth toured sites in Sderot, Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights to see first-hand Israel’s national defense and the fight on terror. “It is fact-finding trip,” Hegseth told reporter Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman in an exclusive interview, over sips of American-style coffee, with the sunlit Old City of Jerusalem gawping through the window.  

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Russia, Israel and Iran: Syrian conflict creates adverse strategic triangle

Russia’s unprecedented move last week of dispatching warplanes to bomb targets in Syria through an Iranian airbase may have Israeli officials worried. The move shows growing cooperation between Russia and Iran, Israel’s biggest foe in the Middle East in recent years, and a regime that, like Russia, has been working to maintain the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Could Russia’s apparent growing closeness to Iran affect its growing relationship with Israel?

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Will Temple Mount tensions yet again strain Israeli-Jordanian relations?

Jordan’s King Abdullah II vowed to fight against repeated violations and attacks carried out by Israel and extremist groups on the Temple Mount complex, according to an interview in the Jordanian daily Ad-Dustour last week. The Jordanian king claimed that Israel was seeking to “Judaize” the holy site and was attempting to "violate the sanctity and compromise al-Aksa Mosque. These comments may signal a deepening strain in relations between Israel and Jordan, one of only two Arab states that has a peace treaty with the Jewish state. 

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Jill Stein's Big Lies

The far left U.S. Green Party marked a significant milestone in the current campaign cycle when CNN broadcast a town hall debate with its presidential candidate, Jill Stein, and her running mate, Ajamu Baraka. It was a chance for the largely obscure party to build upon the momentum generated by Sen. Bernie Sanders's bid for the Democratic Party nomination with a progressive platform untainted, as Stein and Baraka emphasized again and again, by the paw prints of corporate lobbyists, special interest groups and dubious foreign governments. But behind their seemingly honest facade lies a deeper message of far left views that not only seeks to transform America, but provides cover for brutal dictatorships and destroying Israel, writes columnist Ben Cohen. 

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East African Lawyers Look to Israel for Negotiation Tactics

In the wake of expanding East African-Israeli relations, African nations often reach out to Israel for know-how on a range of topics: water conservation, energy, agricultural productivity, counter-terrorism; and now you can add business negotiation to that list. "Israel Girl" columnist Eliana Rudee explores this emerging cooperation between Israelis and Africans in her latest piece. 

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Grassroots Jewish Organizations Roar

Richard Allen is not a careful, polished Jewish communal leader with a seasoned staff operating from a mid-town Manhattan office, ensconced behind a stylized logo, fortified by tax-exempt donations and burnished advisors. Allen is a private businessman. He wields his entire organization from a computer in his office and, not infrequently, from a phone in his pocket. Allen is no anomalous gadfly buzzing at the periphery, but rather a determined activist who has unified an ad hoc, semi-cohesive army of independent pro-Israel and pro-Jewish defenders that have changed and continued to change the Jewish communal landscape, writes reporter Edwin Black. 

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So this is what peace looks like

It's not the end of the world just because an Egyptian athlete refused to shake hands with his Israeli counterpart at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro last week. After all, the Egyptian is the one who violated judo etiquette. He's the one whom the fans booed. I won't lose any sleep over his petty insult, and I doubt many Israelis will either. But the incident, as small as it was, does offer some food for thought about much bigger issues, such as the prospects for peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors, contributor Stephen Flatow writes. 

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Amid rise in anti-Semitism, pro-Israel students prepare for challenging year

For most students, the dog days of August are one final chance for summer traditions such as hitting the beach or visiting national parks with their family before heading back to campus. For dozens of pro-Israel college students, however, learning about ways to combat increasing campus anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activism was their focus during summer’s final weeks.

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State Department calls Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority anti-Semitic

For the first time, the U.S. State Department has explicitly accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) of promoting anti-Semitism, a signal Jewish groups are hoping will lead to change in U.S. policy.

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CARTOON: Rio Olympics 2016: Sports imitates life

"Rio Olympics 2016: Sport imitates life," the latest illustration by FeinTooner. 

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