A new report published on Wednesday by the Anti-Defamation League analyses the growing spread of white supremacy around the world and the shared influences of white supremacists in North America and Europe.

The report, titled “Hate Beyond Borders: The Internationalization of White Supremacy,” chronicles how American white supremacists are coordinating with foreign counterparts to export their message and activities by meeting online and in person, sharing ideas and tactics, and recruiting new followers.

The report profiles 18 European influencers and nearly a dozen white-supremacist leaders from the United States and Canada who are having a major effect on one another and on the white-supremacy movement internationally.

Several factors that have aided the internationalization of white supremacy are also identified.

According to ADL’s report, “American and foreign white supremacists are increasingly coordinating their activities and messaging, and this newfound collaboration has led to a cross-pollinating of ideas, jointly holding events and conferences, and building a global network of followers both online and off. Global white supremacist ideology is easily disseminated across borders on various social media platforms, and noxious anti-immigrant and pro-white rhetoric are finding their way into mainstream politics and society.”

“This activity has fueled a rise in hate crimes and anti-Semitism in both the U.S. and in Europe as minority communities—particularly, Jews, Muslims and immigrants—are increasingly threatened with racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and nativism.”

The report is a collaboration between ADL and extremism researchers from anti-hate organizations in five European countries.

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