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Caroline Glick: What did we learn from the mob?

“The Caroline Glick Show” with Caroline Glick and guest Michel Gurfinkel, Ep. 47

On Monday night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he would delay the passage of the judicial reform bill that will begin to restore checks and balances to Israel’s judiciary by giving elected officials rather than unelected Supreme Court justices control over the judicial selection process.

The day before, after Netanyahu fired Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, the left began setting the country on fire. On Sunday night leftist rioters overran police roadblocks protecting the prime minister’s apartment building. They threatened ministers and Knesset members and their families.

On Monday morning the Histadrut labor federation declared a general strike. Universities closed their doors. The airport shut down. Public hospitals limited service. And the leftist mob leaders promised more.

Was the prime minister giving in to the mob? Not exactly.

In her opening remarks in this week’s Caroline Glick Show, taped a few hours before Netanyahu’s anticipated remarks, Caroline describes the hate campaign and incitement, led by the media, which the left has carried out for the past two and a half months to demonize right-wing Israelis and elected officials.

The campaign was so massive and so all-encompassing that through it, its proponents managed to unite the left around the idea that representative democracy is evil and that the only right way to live is under an oligarchy of self-appointed justices who fancy themselves the high priests of virtue invested with absolute power to legislate and govern from the bench.

Caroline explains that to carry on and defend Israel from Iran and its other enemies, Netanyahu had to suspend the legislation and retake control of the IDF and calm the waters. Otherwise, any reform that passed would be written on water.

Caroline’s guest this week is French journalist and author Michel Gurfinkel. Gurfinkel describes the mob violence in France and the crisis of representative democracy at its root. Caroline and Michel go over the similarities and differences between the unrest in France and in Israel, and what the unrest in France means for the future of the French nation and for the Jews of France.

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