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Fatah fighters practice urban combat in Jenin

This comes after months of violence emanating from the Palestinian city.

The Fedayeen Twitter account published a video of Fatah soldiers participating in urban combat training in the West Bank city of Jenin on Dec. 18, coming after months of violence emanating from the Palestinian city.

Last week, an Israeli military investigation found that a Border Police officer likely shot a Palestinian teenager who died during a firefight in Jenin.

Jana Zakarneh, whose age has been reported as 15 or 16, was standing next to a Palestinian gunman on a rooftop, Channel 22 reported at the time.

Days earlier, three Palestinian gunmen were killed in a battle with Israeli security forces.

Israeli forces came under fire after entering the city to arrest suspected terrorist Khaled a-Hija, according to the Israel Defense Forces. In parallel, troops operating in the Jenin area detained two terror suspects, Ahmad Jaradat and Daajef Bages.

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