Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday that the Islamic Republic will not negotiate with the United States.

This was in response to U.S. President Donald Trump, who withdrew the United States from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions lifted under it last year, saying, “I really believe that Iran would like to make a deal … and I think that’s a possibility to happen.”

“We said before that we will not negotiate with America because negotiation has no benefit and carries harm,” responded Khamenei.

“We will not negotiate over the core values of the revolution,” he added. “We will not negotiate over our military capabilities.”

His remarks contradicted Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who said earlier in the day that “whenever they lift the unjust sanctions and fulfill their commitments and return to the negotiations table, which they left themselves, the door is not closed.”

“But our people judge you by your actions, not your words.”