Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas was hospitalized for the third time in a week on Sunday, but may be released as early as Tuesday, according to sources in Ramallah.

The 83-year-old was admitted to Istishari Arab Hospital near Ramallah following complications from an ear operation.

Reports varied as to the symptoms responsible for sending Abbas to the hospital. Some Palestinian officials said that he was suffering from pneumonia, and was on a respirator and intravenous drip of antibiotics. Others said Abbas had a fever following the ear surgery, while still others said he complained of chest pains.

Medical sources indicated on Monday that Abbas’s condition was improving, and that he was conscious and lucid.

Abbas is allegedly overweight and a heavy smoker. He has been known to suffer from health issues such as exhaustion and chest pains. He had emergency heart surgery two years ago and battled prostate cancer a decade ago.

Following a February hospital visit to the United States, details of which have been tightly guarded, a cardiologist moved into the presidential compound in Ramallah.

Abbas has served as head of the Palestinian Authority since 2005, following elections for what was scheduled to be a four-year term. Elections have not been held since.