Dozens of fires continue to plague Israel’s Eshkol Region as terrorists in the Gaza Strip launch incendiary balloons into Israel’s Eshkol Region.

Keith Isaacson, head of security for Israel’s Eshkol Region, recorded footage showing the immediate aftermath of a balloon attack on the agriculture fields bordering Gaza.

“We’ve had 20 to 25 fires, and as you can see, [Israel Defense Forces’] soldiers are helping extinguish fires caused by balloons,” said Isaacson. “We’re here because our security offices know how to get to this area and help extinguish these fires quickly.”

While the region has experienced relative calm over recent months, Hamas in Gaza continues to cynically launch colorful children’s balloons laden with explosives at communities throughout the Gaza Envelope.

In another video recorded by Isaacson a week earlier, a log continued to smolder after being set alight just 30 minutes earlier.

Isaacson also lamented that the environmental damage continues to mount: “You can see that the forests are suffering. The wildlife is suffering. Instead of green behind our houses, we have black.”

Throughout the region, parents have taught their children to stay away from stray balloons in the area’s parks and playgrounds for fear they may have explosive devices attached to them.

For the past few years, the Jewish National Fund-USA (JNF-USA) has invested in firetrucks and firewagons, enabling Israel’s first responders to tackle the ongoing wave of fires.

As the exclusive fundraising arm for Israel’s firefighters, Jewish National Fund-USA’s Fire & Rescue Taskforce chairs Penny Rosen and Mark Egerman reiterated organizational support: “We just donated 28 firetrucks, which is on top of the 100 we’ve donated to date. For us, it’s not just about extinguishing fires; it’s about our commitment to first responders as we create an ecosystem of amenities and services that allows those living outside of Israel’s central cities to have world-class facilities such as medical centers, parks and schools.”

“While Israel faces many threats along its southern border,” they said, “we are determined to create a positive, prosperous future for the children and families of the Negev and throughout Israel.”

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