When Israeli athletes compete under their national flag for the first time in the history of the International Judo Federation’s Grand Prix tournament, Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev has announced her intention to accompany Israel’s national judo team to the United Arab Emirates.

In August, the UAE and Tunisia promised the IJF that Israel would be allowed to fly its flag after the organization stripped the countries of the right to host the tournaments, citing unsportsmanlike discrimination.

Regev may ultimately not be allowed to travel with the delegation due to a lack of diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel.

“Regev is grateful for the invitation extended by IJF president Marius Vizer to attend the historic tournament in Abu Dhabi, where, for the first time, Israeli athletes will be allowed to compete under their national flag and to hear their national anthem played,” said the Israeli Culture and Sports Ministry in a statement. “The goal of the minister’s visit is, first and foremost, to sign a historic agreement for Israel to host a Grand Prix event, which will be attended by the best judokas in the world. The issue is currently being explored and the minister is very eager to accept the invitation.”