Omer Bar-Lev, Israel’s minister of public security, on Thursday issued an order calling four reserve Border Police companies to increase security in eastern Jerusalem amid ongoing Palestinian rioting.

The minister said that police would facilitate the freedom of movement of the Shuafat refugee camp without harming Israel’s ability to prevent violence.

Israeli police fired live rounds, tear gas and shock grenades at Palestinians throwing stones, firecrackers and firebombs in eastern Jerusalem. It was the most violent disturbance in the Israeli capital in recent months.

Police arrested 23 rioters overnight in the eastern part of the city. The riots continued into the night. Israel Police and Border Police units were deployed to several friction points.

Prime Minister Yair Lapid received a detailed assessment on the deteriorating security situation.

“The security forces are deployed throughout the country to enable the holiday events to be held as usual in Jerusalem and throughout the country,” said Lapid.

“We are determined to allow the events to take place as usual while taking a strong and uncompromising position against terrorism and violent disturbances,” he said.


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