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Hezbollah video simulates attack on Israeli military outpost

The video was released amid increasing tensions at the Lebanese border.

Screenshot from a Hezbollah video simulating an attack on an Israeli military post. Source: Twitter
Screenshot from a Hezbollah video simulating an attack on an Israeli military post. Source: Twitter

Hezbollah published a video on Sunday night simulating a cross-border attack against an Israeli military outpost.

The six-minute video was published by the media wing of the Iran-backed Lebanese terrorist group to mark the 17th anniversary of the Second Lebanon War. 

Titled “No One Can Defeat You,” the video shows a combat unit of Hezbollah’s elite “Radwan Force” positioning themselves at the border and firing various weapons include missiles at the Israeli army base—blowing up a tank and striking other vehicles before infiltrating Israeli territory, storming the outpost and destroying it with explosives.

The first shot shows an open Quran and the last shot shows a phrase from the Muslim holy book, written in Hebrew, Arabic and English: “If Allah helps you, none can overcome you.”

The video was released amid increasing tensions at the Lebanon-Israel border. On July 15, at least 20 Lebanese, including a member of parliament, marched into sovereign Israeli territory, prompting the IDF to fire warning shots.

The military said the group had crossed the Blue Line, a delineation marking Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, and penetrated some 80 meters (approximately 260 feet) meters into the Israeli side in the Mount Dov region.

After the men refused orders to leave the area, Israeli troops fired warning shots and deployed riot dispersal tools, eventually forcing the intruders to return to Lebanon.

In early April, Hezbollah set up a manned outpost a few meters on the Israeli side of the Blue Line. The position, located across from an IDF post, was reportedly manned by three to eight armed terrorists.

While the area isn’t home to any Israeli civilian communities, it’s one in which the IDF operates continuously to thwart incursions into Israeli territory.

It was reported on July 2 that Hezbollah had removed one of the two tents comprising the outpost.

Last week, it was reported that the United States has proposed that Jerusalem halt construction on a security barrier in a village on the Lebanese border in exchange for the removal of the remaining tent, echoing a Lebanese demand.

Ghajar, an Alawite village, is divided by the U.N.-delineated Blue Line. Its residents hold Israeli citizenship and many in the northern portion also have Lebanese passports.

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