Al-Jazeera TV aired footage of young Palestinian men who torched an Israeli military post after crossing the barbed wire into Israel and writing the name of Wesal Sheikh Khalil, a girl “martyred by Israeli snipers from this very post, on May 14.” The footage was broadcast on May 22.

Following is a transcript:

Al-Jazeera Reporter: Al-Jazeera TV has obtained footage of young civilian Palestinians who managed, this morning, to torch an Israeli military post on the Gaza border, east of the Bureij refugee camp. The young men crossed the barbed wire and torched the military post, used by the Israeli snipers against the protesters in the “March of Return.”

Before returning unharmed back to Gaza, they wrote on the walls of the post the name of the girl Wesal Sheikh Khalil, who was martyred by Israeli snipers from this very post on May 14, when dozens were martyred on the 70th anniversary of the nakba (“catastrophe”). For its part, the Israeli army announced that it had fired a tank shell at a Hamas surveillance post in the southern Gaza Strip in response to the crossing of the security fence by Palestinians and the torching of the Israeli sniper post.