World-renowned rock band Bon Jovi performed in front of some 50,000 people in Tel Aviv on July 25, despite pressure from the BDS movement not to play in Israel.

According to The Jerusalem Post, lead singer Jon Bon Jovi received more than 5,000 letters from BDS activists urging the band to cancel the show, but he reportedly told Bluestone Entertainment concert promoter Guy Beser: “I chose Israel, and I’m coming. No one will cancel my show.”

Beser also told the Post that the singer enjoyed performing in Israel in 2015 and had been eager to return.

Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan similarly told the Post regarding BDS, “We don’t get into politics. Rock-and-roll goes everywhere, and helps people forget about the world and have a good time. It doesn’t divide, and that’s what we’re talking about—unification, not dividing.”

Comedian Benji Lovitt wrote in The Times of Israel that the Bon Jovi concert “exceeded my expectations,” praising the band’s set list and Jon Bon Jovi’s chemistry with the crowd.

Lovitt also noted that Jon Bon Jovi reminded “the crowd that he dedicated ‘We Don’t Run’ to the people of Israel in 2015.”

Earlier in the month, the metal band Disturbed performed in Tel Aviv, where lead singer David Draiman sang the Israeli national anthem.

Draiman said in a May 30 interview with Disturbed fan page on Facebook that BDS is “based on hatred of a culture and of a people in a society that has been demonized unjustifiably since the beginning of time.”

This article first appeared in the Jewish Journal.