Gaza residents are being enticed to join upcoming violent riots at the Gaza-Israel border by Hamas, who is promising to pay the families of anyone killed or wounded.

Hamas said the money would be given “as compensation within the framework of the social and national responsibility of the organization.” It stated that it will pay $3,000 to the families of demonstrators who are killed, $500 to families of the seriously wounded and $200 to families of those moderately wounded.

The reward system was published on Thursday, just before the final days of the Passover holiday and another mass protest planned by Hamas on the security fence separating Gaza and sovereign Israel under the auspices of the “March of Return” demonstrations.

Of the 20 Gazans who were killed since last Friday, when 30,000 Gazans threatened the border as part of the March 30 “Land Day” protests, at least 11 were Hamas activists.

Snipers were put in place by the Israel Defense Forces to ensure that only those who attacked the fence were shot, and that children who were put forth as decoys in an attempt to draw IDF fire were not harmed.

To overcome that strategy, protestors are now reportedly using mirrors to blind IDF soldiers, in addition to burning thousands of tires to create thick black smoke to ruin visibility.