Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to have settled some ongoing disputes on Wednesday as part of Netanyahu’s diplomatic trip to Russia.

Following discussions on regional security, he said that Putin, too, wants to expel Iran’s presence in Syria, as the Russian leader did not put restraints on Israel’s actions in the area, reported Haaretz, citing a diplomatic source.

The two men reportedly also put behind a diplomatic row that was created following the accidental downing of a Russian plane by Syrian forces following an Israeli airstrike in October, according to Ynet, citing a senior Israeli official.

“We presented examples of Iran’s entrenchment attempts and the steps we are taking to counter them,” said Netanyahu. “I think President Putin showed understanding of Israel’s security needs and concluded our talks were very productive. The [Israeli-Russian] relations, which everyone said are experiencing difficulties, are back on the track of cooperation.”

He added, “We have made our position very clear. I told Putin that Israel will continue protecting itself from any Iranian aggression coming from Syrian soil.”