Seven years after a bus bombing in at the Burgas airport in Bulgaria killed five Israelis and wounded 32 others, those affected by the tragedy are calling on Sofia to designate Hezbollah, which is believed to have been behind the attack, a terrorist group.

“Three years ago … four years after the attack, the criminal trial opened. … In the indictment … only two attackers [were charged],” said Kobi Price, one of the affected relatives. “We, the mourning families, ask the government of Bulgaria to rise above narrow political considerations and to add the terrorist organization Hezbollah to the indictment without delay.”

He continued, “Without Hezbollah, there is no morality in the trial. Without Hezbollah, the trial is ineffective. Without Hezbollah, there is no justice for the murdered victims.”

“Bulgarian state prosecution had decided not to charge Hezbollah as an organization with involvement in the 2012 bombing at the Burgas airport,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

“Instead, the prosecutor indicted the two men allegedly involved in the attack as if they were terrorists—or even regular criminals—who acted without connection to an organization. The word “Hezbollah” does not appear in the indictment.”

The indictment also didn’t mention terrorism acts, including “acting as part of a terrorist organization” nor associating murder to terrorism, instead labeling the attack as “disturbing public order,” per the Post.