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Farley Weiss

Farley Weiss is the President of The National Council of Young Israel which is one of the major Jewish organizations in America that represents over 110 Synagogues and around 100,000 Jews. Farley is an intellectual property attorney for the law firm of Weiss & Moy. He has written articles about Israel that have been published in The Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, Hamodia, The Forward, and The Arizona Republic. He has spoken around the entire country. When informed he was being released from prison, Jonathan Pollard prominently thanked Farley for his efforts towards his release from prison. Farley Weiss initiated the idea led by Congressman Matt Salmon to begin the push in Congress to go after Palestinian Arab terrorists who murder Americans. Former Israeli Minister Uzi Landau credited Farley's idea to help him win the campaign against Disengagement in the Likud Referendum with the slogan, Vote Yes Get Peres. One month later, Landau's opposition went from being down 30% in opinion polls to winning by 20%! However, Prime Minister Sharon decided to ignore the results and to continue with Disengagement.