Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon said on Thursday that Europe needs to have “stronger actions” to combat anti-Semitism.

While he expressed appreciation to former Soviet satellite states such as Hungary for fighting anti-Israel initiatives in the European Union, Danon said they need to improve their attitudes towards Jews.

“When we meet them, we tell them: ‘We are grateful for your involvement. We want to continue the cooperation. But at the same time, when it comes to domestic issues, you have to take stronger action,’” he told reporters in Jerusalem. “We do expect stronger actions when it comes to anti-Semitism.”

Danon will lead a delegation of U.N. ambassadors to Poland and Israel. In the former, are scheduled to visit Holocaust sites such as the Warsaw ghetto, Majdanek concentration and extermination camp, and the POLIN Museum.

In Israel, they will have an extensive tour of the nation to learn about the land, Jewish history and Zionism; get briefings on current security issues; and partake in high-level talks and meetings.