Israeli doctors are giving webinars to quarantined COVID-19 patients in China and elsewhere in a project organized by Innonation, an Israeli innovation platform for international collaboration.

Innonation is working with 100 volunteering Israeli doctors to provide a series of interactive video broadcasts on various medical areas related to the coronavirus, including children; how to maintain proper hygiene and potential skin issues from wearing a mask for a long time; diet; psychology and dealing with anxieties; pregnancy; and signs of a serious illness that require immediate attention.

The webinars are limited to 100 people for the live feed, but are recorded and available for free viewing on demand. Patients can also ask questions during the live video broadcasts.

Innonation provides a studio in Tel Aviv and the Chinese translators for the webinars. The videos are broadcast on the Chinese social-media network called Weibo and Zoom, a video-conferencing platform.

The doctors who volunteered for the video project are from some of Israel’s most prominent hospitals, including the Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Rambam Health Care Campus, Wolfson Medical Center and Soroka Medical Center, reported Israel21C.

Innonation has also started operating broadcast stations at all participating hospitals.

The online project aims to help people in China, Japan, South Korea, Italy, the United States, Israel and any other countries where people are quarantined. Innonation has also donated large amounts of medical supplies, including masks and medical gowns, to China.

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