The number of IDF soldiers killed in a deadly highway accident on Feb. 13 rose to three on Monday, as Staff Sgt. Shilo Siman Tov succumbed to his injuries.

Siman Tov, a Golani combat soldier, passed away at Sheba Medical Center in Tel HaShomer. Staff Sgt. Bar Yakubian and Staff Sgt. Eshto Tespo were also killed when a large truck smashed into a Jeep convoy returning from a routine training exercise in the north. Ten soldiers were injured.

Six separate individuals received donated organs from Siman Tov.  The soldier’s heart, lungs, liver and two kidneys were transplanted, with a liver lobe given to a 2½-year-old girl.

Uzi Siman Tov, Shilo’s father, eulogized Shilo as a “special boy,” and said that he was named for his grandmother, Shula Abudraham, who was killed in a terror attack in Petach Tikva in 1979.

He noted that he had been able to speak with his son, but that his condition deteriorated rapidly on Friday.

Truck driver Anour Abu Zina from eastern Jerusalem continues to be held in detention. Officials reported that Abu Zina had accumulated 115 traffic violations prior to the incident, including reckless driving.