On its official Facebook page, Fatah posted a story earlier this year according to the which during World War II Jews agreed to bury Russian civilians alive to save their own lives.

Upon seeing this, a Nazi soldier allegedly proclaimed to the Russians: “I just wanted you to know who the Jews are and why we are killing them!” (Official Fatah Facebook page, Feb. 27, 2019.)

Fatah presented the story as an extract from what it claimed was the authentic memoir of a Russian civilian:

“One of the Russian prisoners in World War II wrote in his memoirs: ‘In 1941 the Germans made us dig deep pits in the ground. When we finished doing what they wanted, they brought a group of Jews, threw them into the pits, and ordered us to bury them. We refused to carry out this atrocious act. So the Germans ordered to throw us in instead of the Jews, and ordered them to bury us. The Jews began to pour dirt on us without hesitation. The dirt almost covered us, but the Germans stopped them and took us out. We were surprised when the German commander shouted at us: “I just wanted you to know who the Jews are and why we are killing them!”’” (Official Fatah Facebook page, Feb. 27, 2019)

Fatah chose to post the text without comment

This anti-Semitic story, which justifies the murder of Jews in the Holocaust, does bear some similarities to a historical account documented by a JTA news release on Nov. 27, 1942. However, in that story, Jews and Ukrainians each refused to bury the other alive and were all murdered by the Nazis.

Read full story at PMW.

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